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In the resource and energy sectors we dig deeper to setting high global standards for leading project management services.  As a growing company with big ideas, we welcome change. We embrace it. It gives us the opportunity to provide more for our clients, our people and the communities we serve. All around the world, we set our sights for new horizons. We look to one another to adapt to and overcome the challenges our clients set us.

And, We are recognized as global pioneers, with a well-established reputation for delivering logistically challenging POSCO limestone projects. POSCO KP’s limestone project just launched its function from 2014. In the beginning it has a fatal problems in mineral resources and furnace. One of the most hardest quality control under POSCO, we ISSAC have passed through . Now we supply limestone to POSCO and other steel companies surrounded Asia.

Since the company’s founding in 2011, we have established with the business areas of Wholesale, Trade of various constructions equipment, and supplies , Import and Export of mineral products, Mining, Tailing, Scrap material , IPP project Facilitator, Generator Supply, and other business. 

Same year, we launch our local branch office at Surigao City , Surigao del Norte and Cantilan Nickel Mining Office at Surigao del Sur started concentrating mining , tailing and scrap, agricultural, development supported by our Head Quarter ISSAC Holdings Group Korea,


Throughout the year, Issac Phil maintained solid financial fundamentals. Sometimes the global economy found itself in an unprecedented situation, with emerging markets recovering strongly from the 2009 recession, while developed economies, particularly those of the European Union, were forced to confront a serious sovereign debt problem on the heels of the 2008 financial crisis.


Since then our achieving accelerated growth through our focus on the extract and feasibility based business .

Currently, we are committed to generating synergy with local Philippines partners as part of our growth strategy to become a leading, globally-competitive  company within Philippines.

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